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This is a 100 square grid contest with the WINNING TEAM score across the top row and the LOSING TEAM score along the side column. The last digit of the WINNING team’s score and the last digit of the LOSING team’s score determines the prize-winning square for that game.

There are 63 games in total: 32 in round one, 16 in round two, 8 in round three, etc.… until you get to the 6th round, the Championship game! YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN IN EVERY GAME! ENTRY FEES ARE SPLIT 50/50 WITH THE DREW CREW

The Following Table shows the prizes:

First Round - 32 games - $45.00 ea.
Second Round - 16 games - $60.00 ea.
Third Round - 8 games - $80.00 ea.
Fourth Round - 4 games - $125.00 ea.
Final Four - 2 games - $250.00 ea.
Championship - 1 game - $1000.00
There is NO LIMIT to the number of times a square can WIN!

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